I started tattooing in Fullerton Ca.
I learned how to tattoo at Por Vida Tattoo in upland, Ca. from Tony Salgado, James Sawyer, Danny Boy, and lots of other people from around the world.
I was exposed to all types of tattooing and shown the right way to make tattoos and deal with people.
I went on to work at GTC’s Tattooland in Anaheim Ca. with some of my biggest influences in my area. it was like going to college.
I went on to Sacramento to work at Forever Tattoo with a bunch of great tattooers, with such style.then to Seattle to work at Under The Needle, some amazing tattooers there, shit that was cool!, then to Lucky Devil South, One of the rarest and coolest tattoo shops left on the face of the earth.
Ernie Gosnell knows his shit and I’m proud to say that I have worked at this Last of the Mohicans Tattoo Shop.
Now I am currently tattooing at Lifetime Tattoo in Denver Colorado with a solid group of  groundbreaking artist’s. 
LIFETIME TATTOO 1510e colfax ave 303-839-8088

U can contact me 3 ways. 

TATTOO SHOP (in person)



Or my personal email is



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